HJ 11T 68 Type Front Mechanical Suspension , Mechanical Universal Suspension Kit For Semi Trailer


China high- quality HJ 11T/68 type mechanical suspension for semi-trailer

HJ 68 type / 11T Mechanical Suspension, High Quality Mechanical Suspension Main Dimension:


1. w*t*leaf no.:75*13*9 or 75*13*8

2. Plate Thickness:6mm

3. Material: Steel

4. Track size: 1310/1360/1500

4. Loading capacity: 11T

5. Certificate: ISO/TS16949




Following axles with 8 holes and 10 holes are waiting for you to choose:


1) 12 ton capacity axle

2) 13 ton capacity axle

3) 14 ton capacity axle

4) 16 ton capacity axle


With the earnest work of our 50 technicians, we have developed diversity of different sizes and types axles for various application.


High Quality Mechanical Suspension Spare Parts:


1. Front Hanger

2. Radius Rod Assembly

3. Equalizer

4. Equalizer Hanger

5. Leaf Spring

6. Rear Hanger


Pictures about High Quality Mechanical Suspension :


HJ 11T 68 Type Front Mechanical Suspension , Mechanical Universal Suspension Kit For Semi Trailer 0




Mechanical Suspension Features:


1. Semi-trailer suspensions

2. 2-axle system, 3-axle system, 4-axle system, single point suspension systems are Available

3. Capacity for different requirements

4. Boogie according to special needs

5. Has passed the ISO and TS16949 standard authentication of international quality control system

6. Strict quality control system to assure our excellent product quality.

7. products are popular in the worldwide market, including North American, South American, European, African and Southeast Asian markets.


Mechanical Suspension More Information ( Just for Reference) :


1. The front, middle and rear spring hangers are made of high tensile low alloy steel plates (pressed and welded into structure) stronger but lighter than the old type.

2. The new design prevents the spring from shifting in a side way during running, The 90mm wide steel spring is made of high quality material.

3. The antifriction block (welded) is made of high tensile steel plate material (or #20cast steel) .

4. Its angle is in line with the unfolding direction between the steel plate spring and the antifriction block of the rocker arm.

5. The angle of the torque arm is scientifically adjusted. It can efficiently reduce the instant sliding distance between the tires and the ground, effectively lower friction of the tire, and increase the tire service life.

7. The torque arm bushing is made of urethane rubber. It has a buffering function to the instant abrasion in sliding shift of the tire.

8. The above features, plus a correct installation, reliably guarantee the verticality between the axle and the king pin, effectively remove the phenomena of offset abrasion and gnawing, and make the tire wearing even.


Mechanical Suspension Note ( Just for Reference):


1. Can be asked to choose a balance arm pin,50,60 or 70

2. May need to select side wall thickness 6mm , 8mm or 10mm

3. Spring specification:width 90mm,100,120mm ;the quantity of leaves is optional

4. A :Empty load size ,B: Full load size